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Do you know what you are paying for?

Something came across my desk today that literally blew my mind! One of my clients brought in a contract that she had signed with her previous broker. Not only did she sign something giving them Limited Power of Attorney to make changes to her policy on her behalf (wow) but their Broker Fee Agreement was beyond insane. $949 a year to be drafted on a monthly basis, $450 for an SR-22 Filing, $450 to do a car replacement on a vehicle with full coverage and the list went on. This poor girl had no idea what she was signing and has been paying $80 a month in Broker Fees for the last three years. On top of that… I called them to see if we could negotiate something with them to reimburse her for the Broker Fee they just drafted as she has switched over her policy to our office and they were as rude as can be! Please people… read what you’re signing. If you don’t know what you are signing please find someone knowledgeable in that field of expertise to help explain it to you. I would gladly look over any insurance documentation that you are unsure of or need help with. It just makes me sick that there are so many crooked people out there just looking to take advantage instead of earning their dollars the honest way!Broker Fee Scam_Page_2 Broker Fee Scam_Page_1

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is so important, especially with the very dry weather we are sure to have this summer.

Renters insurance is so important, especially with the very dry weather we are sure to have this summer.

When we share we get more

tomtoes, basil, flowers, green thumb, volunteer, ukiah ca, redwood valley, ca

tomtoes, basil, flowers, green thumb, volunteer, ukiah ca, redwood valley, ca

My mother always taught us “When we share we get more.” Of course, there were five kids in our family so we shared a lot!
I think that the way that my parents raised us taught me a lot about sharing and giving, volunteering and lending a hand.

Recently we (Jen and I) were presented with the opportunity to join a brand new club called The Active 20-30 Club, this is an International organization starting a local group. After several planning meetings we had…. a regular meeting place and time planned. So exciting: First Thursday of the month at Crush Steakhouse 6p, at our office the Third Thursday at 630p.

The most exciting part was that we had our first…. Service Project!

The slogan of the Active 20-30 Club is “One never stands as tall, as when kneeling to help a child.”

Our first project was at Eagle Peak Middle School, where we spent the morning weeding the over grown beds and finishing a green house. What a rewarding thing to do! And the whole group loved to see the transformation from start to finish the transformation was amazing!




Active 20-30! Greenhouse! Gardening

Active 20-30! Greenhouse! Gardening

You may ask how this helps children. Well many of the children that attend the after school program don’t have access to a garden or fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only do they have an outside activity, in the fresh air, away from video games; and to that end its a productive and rewarding hobby. That also teaches the children healthy recipes.

The Ukiah Daily Journal was kind enough to come out and do an article which was printed in Tuesdays paper. A very generous man from the Brookside Retirement home contacted us saying that he would like to donate plants to the school. I met with him this morning and he generously donated 49 plants that he had grown from seeds. He was so proud that the kids had this outlet and activity and were learning at a young age to do what he didn’t start doing (gardening) until his late 70’s after retirement.

I am so proud to be a part of a project that bridges all ages; middle school – 20-30’s – retired people.

Living the dream.

Special note: The author accepts no responsibility for misspelled words and/or grammar.

Written by: Mo Mulheren

Blood Drive

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Little Bitty Cupcakes!!


Cupcakes Baked in Ketchup Cups, so cute for a party or a shower… You can use a flat baking sheet too as the cups are strong enough and don’t need a muffin tin. Fun idea!


From Matthew Mead Recycle Style

Get in that car seat!!

I ran across this post on the Foremost blog and just had to share!

When Kasie (now 14) was about 2 I went to a training at the CHP office about how to install a car seat.

The Officer got in to the seat. I had no idea that was necessary, now I do it everytime!


Poppin on Pinterest!

Have you take a look lately at our Pinterest page?

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Congratulations to Esperanza Fausto, the winner of the pedal car at the 2012 Fabulous Flashback Car Show!

She was so excited to win and couldn’t wait to take the little pedal car home and show her children. We love when we can make people happy!

Remember, we have contests every month at JLB Insurance Services. Be sure to check out our facebook page at www.facebook.com/insurancemommy to find out what you can win next month!


Tis’ the Season for Crock Pot Cooking

Tis’ the season for Crockpot cooking. I am always so excited when school starts, the weather starts to get a little chillier and I can break out the crock pot! During this time of year and with everyone’s busy schedule I find it so convenient to make most or all of our weekly meals in the crock pot.

Our usual schedule is, on Sunday morning, I scroll through the Ipad and find all of the delicious recipes that I want to make for the week. Then we make a list and my husband and I go out and do the shopping for the week. I usually come back home and chop everything up advance. It it so easy to just pull out the bag of chopped veggies, the meat, throw it in the crock pot, turn it on and presto!

I decided to attach a link to the Split Pea Soup because not only is this what I am having tonight, and I’m so excited, it is a delicious recipe that I use often. Let me know what you think or tell us some of your favorite crock pot recipes!